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PhD STUDIES IN: (i.) INDUSTRIAL HEMP (C. sativa L.) x1 (ii.) IRISH POTATO (S. tuberosum) x1

Kutsaga Research is a centre of research excellence in crops. We are currently seeking
two highly motivated and research-oriented individuals to join our team as Ph.D.
candidates specialising in Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) and Irish Potato (Solanum
tuberosum) research. Kutsaga Research is renowned for its state-of-the-art research
equipment, laboratories, and a team of highly qualified and experienced researchers. As
part of our commitment to national development, we actively contribute to the national
development strategy (NDS 1) by focusing on training and capacity development
initiatives. We partner with local universities to provide training and mentorship to young
scientists and concentrate on national research priorities.

  1. Introduction of exotic industrial hemp germplasm for commercial production in
    Zimbabwe – The selected student will be registered with the University of Zimbabwe.
  2. Characterization and Evaluation of 30 Irish Potato Lines for Yield and Quality in
    Zimbabwe – The selected students will be registered with Marondera University of
    Agricultural Sciences and Technology.
  3. Design and execute research experiments to investigate various aspects of Industrial
    Hemp and Irish Potato production, including physiology, genetics, breeding,
    cultivation techniques, nutrient management, pest and disease control, and postharvest handling.
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  4. Collaborate with fellow researchers, and industry stakeholders to exchange
    knowledge, share findings, and contribute to collaborative research projects and
    ultimately to NDS1.
    Aspiring candidates should possess the following attributes: