Potato Virus Y Alert

Destroy stalks to eradicate pvy

For decades discipline and trust, including strict following of the relevant, practical and science-based advice provided by the Tobacco Research Board, were at the core of the tobacco industry in Zimbabwe.

These enabled the Zimbabwean tobacco growers to consistently produce and present for sale, a world class crop. Recently, complacency and failure to adhere to the well-established recommended practices such as the legislated stalk destruction date, has resulted in a severe threat to the tobacco industry by the aphid-transmitted Potato Virus Y (PVY).

Fig 1: Potato Virus Y diseased plant (A), characteristic symptoms showing chlorotic rings (B), necrotic veins (C), vein banding (D), bronzing (E), necrotic spots (F), vein banding (G) and necrotic veins (H)


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